Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900

chwilowy brak towaru

  • Producent: Samsung
  • Kategoria: Telefony komórkowe
  • System operacyjny: Android
  • Przekątna wyświetlacza: 5.1 "
  • Rozdzielczość wyświetlacza: 1920 x 1080
  • Rodzaj telefonu: z ekranem dotykowym
  • Pamięć wbudowana: 16 GB
  • Pamięć RAM: 2 GB
  • Wbudowany aparat cyfrowy: 16 Mpx
  • Aparat przedni: 2 Mpx
  • Czas czuwania: 390 h
  • Czujniki: akcelerometr, czujnik zbliżeniowy, magnetometr, barometr, czujnik światła, czujnik efektu halla
  • Komunikacja: IrDa, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE, 3G
  • Funkcje: kompas cyfrowy, GPS, terminarz, dyktafon, czytnik linii papilarnych, odtwarzacz MP3
  • Pojemność baterii: 2800 mAh
  • Rodzaj karty SIM: micro SIM
  • Obsługa kart pamięci microSD: tak
  • Liczba rdzeni: 4

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Capturing Lifetime Moments.Fast Auto FocusDon't miss the action Don't hesitate to shoot and capture action as it's happening! The faster Auto Focus helps you capture important moments of movement more quickly and in focus. HDR (Rich tone)For brighter & vivid captures For both photos and videos, turn on the HDR when there is a strong counterlight or when the subject is shaded. Preview in real time natural light and color being reproduced vividly and clearly while you take your shot. Selective FocusTreasure moments in detailed focus Selective Focus allows you to focus on what’s important żeby blurring the background and accentuating the main subject in defined detail. Supporting a Healthier LifestyleHeart Rate czujnikFollowing your every beat Galaxy S5 is the first smart phone with a built-in Heart Rate sensor which enables you to measure your heart rate directly on your phone. S HealthYour personal fitness tracker The enhanced S Health leads you through your fitness routines daily and consistently. Set your goals and achieve them with the help of Galaxy S5's pedometer and S Health’s constant tracking of your condition, walking distance, calories, speed, duration, and so on. The Most Accelerated Network ExperienceDownload BoosterPowered speed with LTE & Wi-Fi together The Download Booster technology lets you use the LTE and Wi-Fi simultaneously to give you an unrivaled network experience! When you need to download files in a hurry, turn on the LTE and Wi-Fi together and experience approximately 80~90% of the added network speed of LTE and Wi-Fi. MIMO(Multi-Input Multi-Output)Doubled connection, Faster speed The 5th generation Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 2X2 MIMO technology equip Galaxy S5 with two internal Wi-Fi antennas to double the connection and accelerate the speed of your Wi-Fi like never before. Protecting Your Freedom from Dust & WaterDust & Water ResistantMade to last longer and stronger With an IP67 certification, Galaxy S5 is resistant to sweat, rain, liquids, sand and dust, so your phone is protected for any activity and situation. Your Finger is Your KeyFinger ScannerFingerprint security & access Security has been upgraded and personalized. You can now unlock your phone and make faster and more secure payments via PayPal with the swipe of your finger. When purchasing content with Samsung services, you can use your fingerprint instead of entering your Samsung account password. No More Need to WorryUltra Power Saving ModeEnhancing power for important situations Use the Ultra Power Saving Mode to save and extend your battery life so you no longer have to worry about missing important calls when your phone is running low on battery. This innovative feature changes your screen to black and white and shuts down all unnecessary features to dramatically minimize battery consumption. Unveiling a New World of Perspective5.1" Full HD Super AMOLED DisplayA stunning view with rich vitality Galaxy S5 offers the most excellent viewing experience a smartphone can offer. Its FHD Super AMOLED display is brighter with more clarity, delivering a deeper and more vivid screen view. Galaxy S5’s advanced Local Contrast Enhancement enables it to adapt and change according to the variation in light conditions. Under the sun or too much light, Galaxy S5 gives you an optimized display for you to see clearly and easily. On the other hand, when there is a lack of light, Galaxy S5 allows you to dim your display light so that your eyes feel more comfortable in the dark. Adapt DisplayFor a more personalized viewing experience Galaxy S5 is equipped with Samsung’s advanced display technology enhancing your viewing experience beyond expectations. The Adapt Display analyses incoming lights and the contents you're viewing and automatically optimizes the colour range, saturation, and sharpness of your display. Experience your Gallery, Camera, Internet, Video, and Smart Remote applications with a display adapted to you.

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